Stories in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a field so rich with narratives and stories. I use writing narratives as a clinical tool in my practice and I invite my clients to keep on writing. The synthesis of stories is not only useful in psychotherapy but in trainings as well.

I was honored to be invited by Mavis Tsai, PhD, cofounder of FAP and director of the FAP Specialty Clinic at the University of Washington, to present Writing Narratives for Clients as an Evocative Tool at the Functional Analytic Psychotherapy pre con workshop at the 16th ACBS World Conference in Montreal. Mavis Tsai and Bob Kohlenberg were the main trainers, surrounded by Holly Yates, Barbara Kohlenberg, Fabian Olaz, Matthew Skinta and myself as co-trainers.

The participants were mental health practitioners from all over the world. They showed willingness and enthusiasm to dive into the challenge to write either for their personal story or their clients during the 10 minutes of a relevant assignment. There were brave ones who read their story in front of everyone.

I am really happy to meet people who are guided by their inspiration, in order to improve themselves or help others towards their development. The workshop is over and we all returned to our countries. I am sure that we keep producing stories in a written or verbal form, so as to awaken people who seek help from us.

I hope that as “artists” we shall use story writing, in order to get better in the art of communication, authenticity and intimacy.

I am back to Greece after experiencing warm and meaningful interactions with dear colleagues and friends. New stories have been created. Some of them will be narrated in my practice with my clients, others will be mentioned in my trainings and there are also the ones which will echo inside me as valuable adjuncts in my values compass.