The cooperation between Vasilis Kavouridis and Cocomat had as a result the exhibition “I am a creature“, which gave me inspiration in my sessions.

Vasilis is a very inventful creature with unique interaction skills. I have the luck to know him personally and to get inspired by his art. In his last exhibition his “creatures” talked to me in a special way. Apart from their artistic appearance they invited me to communicate with them. By using all my senses I obtained a mindful connection with them.

The process of mindfulness was so simple and natural with them, similar to the products by Cocomat. I felt their warmth, I let myself absorb their softness, I relaxed my gaze while looking at their colors, I smelled nature as it stemmed from their inner materials, I tasted relaxation and I listened to their call.

I was not hallucinated. The objects in the exhibition were just pillows. However their value was not only practical. They were made with mindful and artistic ingredients. This combination had trasformed them into creatures. This metamorphosis made me think in what ways each one of us can trasform an object or the self into a unique creature.

Through my profession as a psychologist I try to create a warm relationship with the creatures I have in front of me and to motivate them for change or thasformation. What would happen if I would add Vasilis’s creatures in this process? How could these pillows have therapeutic function?

After discussing my idea with Vasilis I hosted some of them in my office. My clients were initially happily surprised by their presence. The creatures functioned quickly as prompts during therapy. Most of my clients were willing to navigate through the evocative effect.

My clients and I were ready to experiment ourselves with something new. Maintaining the code of ethics and my love for creativity I co-created a space with Vasilis and my clients, where we could reconnect with our uniqueness. Being aware of what makes us all authentic is a valuable gift. Wrapping this gift with the warmth of self compassion is the next step. Deciding upon our goals regarding improvement or change leads us to the next stage. And then we increase the possiblities of interacting with other creatures in new stages or new paths. Maybe new exhibitions will take place after these interactions!