Presenting at the 4th Greek Conference of e-Mental Health

Presenting at the 4th Greek Conference of e-Mental Health

I participated as a presenter at the 4th Greek Conference of e-Mental Health. I chose to present online training groups in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP).

I shared my experience in the online groups as a trainee and a co trainer. I described the basic principles of FAP, I presented the results of the studies conducted to date and talked about the process of online training. What I really wanted was to transmit my knowledge and my experience in a pleasant way.

I identified with my audience in order to do that. How would I receive my presentation if I was an attendant? What feelings would I have? How would the words of the presenter evoke me?

I needed to quench my audience. I had on mind to offer them a glass of fresh water in a hot summer day.

I have the sense that I achieved my desire.

I would like to thank the scientific committee for awarding my presentation.

I am also sending a warm hug to my colleagues for their support: R. Hoekstra, private practice. J. Kanter, University of Washington. T. Mandell, private practice. M. McKelvie, private practice. H. Yates, private practice.